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Bek Davis is a trained chef and recipe developer who has been in the food industry since she was 16 years old. Bek started living a low-carb lifestyle in 2015 in order to shed excess weight. Luckily, Bek's. culinary arts background gave. her the knowledge to transform high-carb dishes into low-carb versions with ease. As Bek started to lose weight, her friends and family wanted in on her low-carb recipes. She decided to start posting her recipes online -- and the rest is history!

Bek resides with her husband just outside of Nashville, TN, and often escapes to her Chattanoogga home to spend time with her two college-aged children.

Bek’s Cookbooks

Low-Carb Diet for Two

Cooking healthy meals for two on a low carb diet doesn’t have to be expensive, or end in excessive leftovers. Low Carb Diet for Two makes it easy with shopping and meal-planning tips alongside 100 flavorful, healthy low-carb recipes, all created with two people in mind. This cookbook guides you through your low carb diet journey, letting you eat deliciously while on the path to better health together.

Learn what carbs are, how they affect your body, and why eating a low carb diet can be so beneficial. Find grocery shopping advice, lists of kitchen essentials, and simple ingredient swaps to make the food you already enjoy lower-carb. All the beginner-friendly, two-serving recipes include complete nutritional info.

The 5-Ingredient Low-Carb Diet Cookbook

Healthy, home-cooked meals can play a huge role in maintaining a low-carb diet. But many people don’t have the time to cook healthy meals and instead find themselves reaching for carb-loaded frozen meals or fast food. The 5-Ingredient Low-Carb Diet Cookbook makes low-carb cooking convenient, featuring 100 deliciously easy recipes made with only 5 everyday ingredients.

The 5-Ingredient Low-Carb Diet Cookbook gives you the lowdown on low-carb eating, with an overview of its numerous health benefits, like weight loss, reducing the risk of diabetes, and improving heart health. Watch your waistline and wallet with helpful shopping lists, and keep up your low-carb diet with simple and satisfying step-by-step recipes for every meal of the day.

What Readers Are Saying

Bek makes eating low-carb for two so easy! She has built a reputation for creating reliable, low-carb recipes that you know are going to work and taste great. I've been living a low-carb/keto lifestyle for 4 years―this book is great and definitely has it all. It’s delicious to look at, delicious to read, and by following the made-easy recipes, delicious to eat!
Bek Davis is well known in the low-carb community for creating recipes that are easy, accessible, and delicious. The low-carb diet has proven to work best in our household, and this cookbook is revamping our typical weeknight meals with unique recipes while also helping us with the mindset and planning to make this a successful, consistent lifestyle!
Bek’s recipes prove that eating healthy doesn’t have to be boring. This cookbook is filled with nutritious, satiating ingredients and recipes that make healthy eating fun and rewarding. Some of my favorites are the Hearty Chili, Veal Meatballs, and the Greek Stuffed Eggplant. What more could you want?


Bek Davis

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